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Underworld LARP is a dark medieval fantasy Live Action Role Playing game, founded in 1996.

Underworld is an 18+ game, not for the faint of heart. Underworld is one of the largest and most active LARPs in Canada, with a rich in-game history, mature player base, and a very active community. Its complex and intelligent rules allow for broad character development including aspects of race, culture, socio-economic background, and faith.

Underworld runs a wide variety of plot, from the fun adventures which LARPers have come to love, to those which include mature subject matter and challenging social issues that may be unsuitable for some. All players must sign our Waiver/Health form before playing to ensure that they fully understand their obligations and restrictions. As a new player, your first game is free!

Underworld prides itself on its diversity and an environment where people from all walks of life can interact and learn from each other. We provide a safe place for players to explore both the light and dark sides of role playing while maintaining that important divide between reality and fantasy.

This wiki page is designed to give new and old players alike access to commonly known information and lore about the game world they are playing in. Contained in these pages are all the current and up to date information on Dragons, Gods, Geography and more! We encourage you to browse these informative pages as you design and create a background for your character.

At Underworld LARP we call our chapters "Guilds" and game owners "Guild-masters". Local Guild-specific lore can be found under the Local Guildhouses link on the left panel.

We currently have ten active guilds and we're growing:
Guildhouse Ashendael, located in Ottawa ON, Canada.
Guildhouse Bryzanthea, located in Moncton NB, Canada.
Guildhouse Jericho, located in Toronto ON, Canada.
Guildhouse Havenhollow located in Nagoya, Japan.
Guildhouse Kalidor, located in Edmonton AB, Canada.
Guildhouse Ralinwood, located in London ON, Canada.
Guildhouse Salem Ruin, located in Vancouver BC, Canada.
Guildhouse Stormlands, located in Calgary AB, Canada.
Guildhouse Tempest Grove, located in Cape Breton NS, Canada.
Guildhouse Zenithstrand, located in Saskatoon SA, Canada.

For more information on how you can join Underworld LARP and play in the world you read about here, please visit our website at

If you're interested in starting our own Underworld LARP game please contact us at

Submissions or corrections to articles contained in this wiki, can be sent to

Getting started

New Players Guide
LARP Talk: UW Glossary
Arriving on Site & Your First Logistics
Boffer Weapon Tutorial

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