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Underworld invades Anime North in Toronto!

Summertime has come around, which means not only is it larp season, it’s also con season!
The first of Toronto’s larger cons that Underworld attends every year is Anime North (
Underworlders had a chance to display some of their costumes, newbies had a chance to test out combat before attending a game and many learned tips about their first larp game including how to build their own boffer weapon!

As usual, the event was a terrific success! More photos can be found at !

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Welcome to Underworld Wide

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Welcome to the new site, Underworld Wide.

Here, we will be connecting the community of the vast Underworld district to one location. Expect to receive news both out of game and in game, across various platforms and all pertaining to the thing we love the most – Larping. For veterans, the routine is self explanatory – forums are available in the menu above, as well as a now combined logistics to further character transitions across each country. As well, we now have a fully updated and functioning Wikipedia for all common knowledge that is easier to access, but don’t expect to find any secret knowledge to gain high power, we made sure that would remain hidden!

For those of you who are new, Underworld is a larp franchise that is found in many places all over the world. Here, you will be able to find information about larp that you may have not known about as well as ask any questions that you may not be able to find about. If an Underworld LARP isn’t currently existing in your area, chances are, there are other people just like you in your area willing to pick up a boffer weapon and head out as an elf, so why not start your own? There’s more information on our Franchise page, and you can contact us for the full run-down!


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Underworld LARP Crowdfunding

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(As seen on Dragon’s Den!)LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. We create a world, much like you would see in a video game, complete with stories, plot twists, quests, and epic battles, but instead of people sitting behind a computer all day, they play this game in a live environment. Our players escape their lives for a few days in a fully immersive and interactive landscape, filled with villains, heroes, monsters and even dragons!

Once every three weeks we host a weekend long event where players pay us to create characters that they then assume the role of, and follow along in an interactive storyline. Our game combines improv acting, swordsmanship, medieval history and a great deal of exercise.

We are raising funds to build a permanent home for our first guild, Jericho, based in the Toronto, Ontario area. Our goal is to build a facility that includes a medieval village suitable for year round game play. The support that we receive will go towards purchasing land and building the facilities. Of course, we’ve got some great rewards for our supporters, including both in-game rewards and very cool Underworld swag!

Any donation of $500+ will get your name into the main rulebook with a thank you!

Click here if you want to donate!

Wow we’re half way to our goal. That’s incredible folks. Thank you so much. We never expected this amazing response and generosity. We are humbled.

I’ll give a brief update: myself and a couple players have spent a lot of time since we started this campaign, searching various plots of land for something magical. We’ve made ourselves a quality short list. Winter freeze set things back a bit, but we knew that was going to happen. Very very shortly we’re heading back out to review these sites, and a pile of new ones, once the ground starts to thaw.

By all estimates we need $100,000 to secure land and facilities. I’m excited to announce we have, through exposure from Dragon’s Den, investments and personal savings, saved up $75,000. This money raised in this GoFundMe project is the last leg in this step required to end this journey and finally reach our life long goal of a medieval village LARP space.

We’re so close to our goal and we need all the help we can get to drive this home. With that, I’m happy to release this update with a pile of new rewards. I don’t have images for all the swag yet but it’ll come over the next couple weeks. Please note that the IG rewards apply only to our Toronto players at this time. The swag (T-shirts, hoodies, carry bags) are available to anybody, UW player or otherwise. Please dig deep and help us find a place to call home!!