Prelog Character Experience Record Help
Help Section

Please read the faq's below for answers to common issues and questions before sending an e-mail to tech or logistics.

For all technical support, database problems, or issues with your account, please e-mail:
For all specific character issues, missing frags, blankets, or other data related problems, please e-mail your guild's specific prelog team.
If you are unsure who to contact about your issue, e-mail both and the appropriate representitive will get in touch with you.

When e-mailing either tech or logistics, please include your full real name as well as your character name if applicable.

Especially during prelog time, please allow at least 24 hours for a response. We will try to reply as soon as possible but we have a small team. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't know my password!
On the log in screen there is a link to reset your password if you have forgot it or do not have one yet. You will need to provide the e-mail you used for contacting prelog. Password Reset

I never recieved an e-mail for password reset
First wait a few minutes and then check again. Make sure to also check your spam folders. G-mail in particular has been known for flagging our automatic e-mails as spam. Note that you will get an error if the e-mail address you entered does not exist on the database, so if you did not get an error, an e-mail should be sent. If you still haven't recieved an e-mail, e-mail with your name and the e-mail you used.

Prelog is supposed to be open but it says it's closed!
Due to unforseen circumstances, every so often logistics will have to open the database a little later then planned. In the event of this, there should be a post on the forums which will give you further information. Please allow 24 hours before e-mailing

The changes I made last event are gone!
As per the rules, if you do not show up to event, you may not make changes to your character. If you were a no-show, your changes will be automatically reverted to how they were previously. If you did show up to last event and your changes are missing, or your card is wrong in any other way, please contact your guilds logitic team directly.