Countdown to Mortigeist: 1751

Find an UW Game

At Underworld LARP we have chapters or games being run all throughout Canada and in Japan. We call these chapters “Guildhouses” and each is independently owned and operated by a Guildmaster. All our Guilds exist in the same game world and you can travel with your character from one Guild to another to earn treasure and experience. Each Guild has a territory in the real world, in which they are responsible for. Below you’ll find a list of Guilds and their corresponding territory. Don’t see a game in your area? Why not start your own? It’s easy to establish, you have the support of a full experienced community, and you get to keep all the profits. Check out our franchise page for more information on how to start your own Underworld LARP Guild.

Guildhouse Ashendael (Ottawa, ON)

Guildhouse Bryzanthea(Moncton, NB)

Guildhouse Havenhollow (Nagoya, Japan)

Guildhouse Jericho (Toronto, ON)

Guildhouse Kalidor (Edmonton, Calgary, AB)

Guildhouse Ralinwood (London, ON)

Guildhouse Salem Ruin (Vancouver, BC)

Guildhouse Tempest Grove(Cape Breton, NS)

Guildhouse Zenithstrand(Saskatoon, SK)

Start your own!