Crowdsourcing: Bard's Song of Aversion call
Well, having your hands up lets everyone see the instrument. Since we are not all horrendous scumbag sociopaths with a hatred for all things musical, we do not attack the instrument anyway. Then you walk 10 paces away from the fighting. Anything not immune to mind affecting ignores you now. So 10 paces (about 15 seconds so that remains the same) away, you put down your instrument or you activate this skill again, and walk another 10 paces. Even if you are immune to the mid affecting side, you cannot attack them until they have taken the 10 steps.. and not being assholes, our NPCs will generally let you put away your instrument unharmed and wait to kill your character.

No one is chomping at the bit to destroy any instrument. Accidents could happen, but that is the risk no matter what skill exists.

I am not sure how standing in place is prefereble to walking 10 paces. hands up is a visual cue as opposed to a stupid call bei9ng shouted for 15 seconds. I see a bard put their hands up, I see the instrument, I know they are using their skill to put that instrument away, OR just to walk 10 paces away and hope their friends distract whatever was attacking.
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We like to think this but I have been chased and taken a slay in the back onto my violin case after activating my SoA to put the instrument away. When the SoA was done, I ran to try to get the instrument out of combat.

The instrument wasn't permanent damaged but that's because I have enough armour to soak the hit, swampwalked the NPC and kept running. Even in its case, I still had to reset its bridge, and adjust the sound post once I got back to my tent. Bear in mind this is the violin that was fine after I got hit by a car. It would have been far, far worse if I hadn't gotten it into its case.

Accidents happen, but people are not as careful as we like about picking their shots in the heat of battle.

(I've also had undead, since the ability is classed as mind altering, target me while putting my reps away because of the noise it makes and the fact they know I'm stationary. That said, that's more an issue with tactical lesser skellies, than the ability IMO).

I personally don't have an issue with the ability as is. It functions as intended and has saved my reps a number of times. The verbiage of the call somewhat detracts from the intent as a screaming person will have people look at them, but people understand the screaming person isn't really there for the hitting, but there is a bard in the area.

Almost like "Don't look at me" would be better off as "Don't hit me" for telling others on the battle field how to respond to your ability.

The yelling portion has been handy in rallying camp mates too and despite attracting some NPCs, to nix it would lose the "cry for help" aspect.
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Get your final arguments in, we'll be making a final decision on this very soon.
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I do not think Song of aversion is meant to be a call for help. It is meant to get you and your instrument out of danger and AVERT attention from you. With Aversion...

Just yell Help, and then activate it. Get better friends that pay more attention to their support role team members.

Mechanically, the skill is currently the opposite of what it is intended to do. For people who cry about immersion, some seem quite resistant to an alternative that is less disruptive and draws less attention to the bard.

Benefits to your insturement for raising your hands go beyond visibility even. Swings should not be aimed higher than your shoulders, so your instrument will be out of swing zones.

We cannot police the attitudes of everyone. It has been said often, never bring anything to larp that you cannot afford to see broken. That said, people should not be jackasses and try to break people's reps. Being a bard comes with the risks. My proposal would mean you do not have to run to put away the violin. You would have walked away from the danger. It would be above your head and not getting hit.

Sounds like you want a 30 CP skill that calls for help and makes you immune for 15 seconds and it has very little to do with the instrument at all.
Christopher Robichaud AKA Weasel
- Head Ritual Marshal

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