The Mortigeist Counter
Have you heard of the Mortigeist? Are you an Elf? Have I caused you to just ever so slightly quiver at the mere mention of his name? Good.

Starting May 1st, 2017 we’ll be introducing a global mechanic of the most brutal and horrific nature. The return of the Mortigeist.

The Mortigeist was once Ll’yandra’s first and most loved Angel. His history is dark and full of terrors and will be released shortly with his wiki article. All that is known now is the Mortigeist turned away from his mother and murdered her children, the Elves of Arthos, in a fit of jealous rage. She imprisoned him in a demonic realm, trapping him for what she thought was eternity but unfortunately for the Elves, no prison is eternal. The Mortigest has found holes in his confinement and for decades he was able to escape for one night a year and wreck his murderous rage on any elf foolish enough to cross his path. That has changed.

During the Celestial War of 2258, the Mortigeist, the Killer of Elves, was brought to the Garden of Ll’andra by the Goddess Pandora. The Garden, home to all the life force (shards) of every Elf, hung like ripe fruit for the Elf Killer to consume and corrupt. While things looked grim it was the once great nation of the Stone Elves that marched forward, giving their shards and, indeed their very sanity, to protect both their mother and the Elven shards in the Garden. They drove the Mortigeist back to his hellish prison, saving Ll’yandra and the shards from certain destruction, but their sacrifice came at an almost unimaginable cost. Their minds, spirits and shards were shattered, now owned by the Mortigest and, as he was pushed back into hell, so too were they forced in with him. They are his now, no longer Stone Elves but now an insane twisted version of their former selves. They are his Shattered Elves.

Whereas in the past, the Killer of Elves could was gifted one day a year on All Hallows’, now his freedom is tied to the death of those he hates. The more Elves that die in the world of Arthos, the closer he is to his 24 hours of freedom.

Starting May 1st we’ll be introducing the Mortigeist countdown timer on our Global website (it's not there yet). Our database has been updated and adjusted so that every Elf death that is recorded by any guild, will lower that counter by a specific amount. When that counter reaches zero the Mortigeist is free to slaughter with wanton abandon, the next weekend your guild hosts an event. This means if you’re good and keep your elves safe, and every other guild keeps their elves safe, you might not see the Mortgeist all year. Or... as we all know is much more likely, you allow the slaughter of Elves to go unchecked, he may come out more than once. Seems unfair that the Elves have to die to release the monster which kills them more? Ha! Welcome to Underworld LARP.

Did you think the rest of you were off the hook? Think again. The Mortigeist is no longer alone. While he is trapped within his prison, waiting for his moment of freedom, his Shattered Elves are not and and they care not for your race. They exist only for the death and chaos heralded in his name. Their wiki will be released before May 1st and they will be added to the Monster Manual for your Guildmaster and Monster Marshals to use at their leisure.


Does this counter drop 1 for every Elf killed?

Answer: No. The number is relative. There are tens of thousands of Elves in the world, almost all of them being NPCs. They also die, both naturally and at the hands of the Shattered Elves. The player Elf death is the metric we use to determine the death of all Elves. So for every PC Elf that dies, it’s assumed a bunch of NPC elves have died as well. We’re working out the exact ratio but it won’t be posted.

Is there anything that can bring that counter down outside of PC Elf death?

Answer: Yes. Plot driven NPC Elf death on a mass scale can bring that counter down. Players actions in the world of the demonic could potentially do this as well. The Mortigest lives in a prison in the demonic world. Every Elf he kills corrupts their shard to a certain degree. This allows his prison to grow. Helping him in his demon realm could hasten that effect.

Is there any way to raise the counter?

Answer: None that I’m saying here

Do Ice Elves count since Ll’yandra declared they are no longer protected as her Elves?

Answer: OOG, yes. IG, it is unknown.

If I’m an Elf and I worship the Mortigeist, will he save me from his gruesome and horrifying murderous intent should he find me alone in a dark ally?

Answer: Oh yeah *shifty eyes*… totally. You just go ahead and give him a big hug.

Can I play a Shattered Elf?

A: No, they are now an NPC only race. If you have the past “Stone Elf” race unlocked and playable, you can continue to play one of the last of your kind but you cannot play a Shattered Elf. They are insane and horrifying monsters now. Think Cenobites from Hellraiser. They are best left to the broken and terrible minds of your Guildmasters to play.

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David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
Do you like wanton slaughter of your Elven friends and family? I know I do! Without further ado I proudly present... The Mortigeist. The Mortigeist is the first of 7 Demon Princes(s) to be released over the next year. You'll see some references in his wiki to specific demonology (like the Hellcrown) that has yet to be released so just hold off on those questions for a bit.

As mentioned above our countdown timer should be up and running tomorrow. Then we wait..

Read and weep. Comments and cries for help at
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017

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