Warcry 2016 Review Thread
Let's get a review thread going!  You all can expect a big thank you post and a recap / aftermath update tomorrow.  I'm just getting home now.  Great event!!

Post em here folks!  I can start by saying we're sorry we screwed up the mage section of the beach siege.  It really wasn't intentional.  Not everything works as planned.  We're also sorry the ending got a bit rushed.  We ran out of time!  We'll try to clarify with the recap post.

We'd love to also hear your best moments of the event
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
I'll start by thanking all the shapers and NPCs for providing so much of the entertainment this weekend.  You all worked hard and deserve much in the way of kudos.


- Being on the second ship to hit the beach and sitting around for 2-3 hours after game started with nothing to do waiting for our turn.  An NPC or two to be able to interact with during that time would have been awesome.

- 2 players being allowed to play two different characters in the same event.  Not a major issue but clearly not allowed by the rules and neither being played for plot device purposes either.

-  Loot seemed a little scarce on some of the mods


-  Beach landing for the second ship.   Fun mod with good set up of props and senario set up.  Running into a queen when we got to the graveyard was an "oh shit" moment for sure.   I was definitely glad when we made it to the encampment.

- Saturday during the day the mods were enjoyable.  I went on 4 or 5 which I haven't done in almost 2 years so I was pretty much running on fumes by the time night fell and was in bed by midnight because of it and the Brood Queen attack Saturday night.  Not complaining.  Quite a bit of fighting and the weight of the armour took it's toll but it was well worth it.

- True Fae negotiations and the RP it generated.  I do enjoy the political game and this gave me just enough to not feel like it was over done for me like it had been the year before.  I thoroughly enjoyed the RP with Prince Leopold and a number of the others before the actually meeting and then during the actually meeting.  Turning the decision making into a scavenger hunt kinda made the meeting feel a bit useless though since what the delegates had to say meant nothing in the end.

- Brood Queen attack was awesome.  The numbers and toughness of the Brood were great.  Kyle did an awesome job as the Queen.

-  Interacting with Shawn's Baron of Ashendale, Bryce's Prince Leopold, Constantine's Sergeant Levi of Duvain, Ryan's Winter Court True Fae,  and the other Plot driven diplomats were enjoyable.

-  The final mod Sunday.........holy fuck it was good.   Was put into my death count on more than one occasion and still loved it.  Too many different factors made this mod very enjoyable to me.   Bravo  Using an Einher as a shield to avoid a Spitter Broods acid spray while recovering his body to keep him alive and some of the laughter I heard for doing so was one of the big highlights for me.

-  All the interactions I had with various PCs this weekend.  Even with all the mods I went on I still had plenty of time to interact with players from other guilds and people from my own which I enjoyed.   So thank you to all who interacted with me this weekend.
I was only at Warcry for friday to Saturday.
Highlight, brood dissection. It was the best part of the weekend, for me.
Second to that, I got to do a good ritual marathon with some fun flaws :-D Thank you to everyone who participated.

Downside, 10 pm mages got shafted (accidentally) on the beach storming mod. I know it was an accident AND I know that something was planned to make up for it. I was gone before that could happen. So oh well. Hope it was fun.
Worst thing, SO many of you did not react to a walking talking brood thing. I think Ryan (Shaper) and Cat (Lark) were the only two who REALLY did much with it. Most people seemed cautious but that was it and then once i spoke "Oh ok it's Just Greggor." Disappointing.

That is all. More Dissections please! Best part!
No regrets, absolutely no regrets.

-SHAPERS AND NPCS. Thank you thank you thank you for your hard work!!! It really paid off and as always, when some of you guys go out as an rp npc, it amazes me on how talented you guys are in rp-ing
-it was just amazing in general to see so many people from different guilds all together in one place. You all were wonderful and I was glad to see you guys having as much fun as I was. I promise to have pebble visit you guys- some day!
-Sooooooo much stuff! Stuff with other stuff and more stuff overlapping that stuff- oh holy crap you guys went all out! Give yourselves a pat on the back for all of your hard work!!

-None really aside from environment stuff that we can't really control. I just hope no one was severely affected by the smoke effects from friday night and the pollen on sunday.

-drinks~ and presents!
-pebble wakes up early, decides to wait for pappy to get up, falls asleep through all the town hulabaloo for two hours (like legit I'm surprised I'm able to sleep through town shenanigans)
-angry pebble can get angry, and apparently scary too

Overall, fun event! I was sad that I couldn't make it to last year's warcry, so I'm very happy I was able to make it to this year's. It was wonderful meeting new people and seeing others again. I hope you all had a fun game and a safe trip home!!!
Didn't help you had your mask up when I first saw you Overlord Brood.

This event was stellar, and while waiting around for the second boat was boring, everything from the moment we walked to the boat to the ending was great. I really hope it kicks my creative ass in gear so I can finish the last half of Jeicho season.

I found how big E got the egg. There is suspension of disbelief, and then there was that. Also, while I don't have children of my own, I would figure any parent who professes to love their child would care more about getting them back over taunting someone with a maguffin.

9.9/10 would do again.
Ok! I was NPCing this event (except for the two hours I got to go out at my ajaunti PC Big Grin) and it was a real treat! I will get the negatives out of the way first and then the positives mixed with my favourite moments.

-The smoke on the first mod. I didn't know it was a chemical based smoke (i thought it was an industrial fog machine) and I ran headlong into it, scooping up huge mouthfuls that made the rest of the mod VERY difficult because every breath I took felt like fire.

-Having two fireworks go off very close to my feet. (My own irrational fear of fireworks- that I am trying to get over- is more to blame for this one.)

-I told someone whom was machine gunning that he needed to slow down his swings because they were hurting me, only to be replied with "I know what I'm doing." That really angered me to the point I needed to go off to the side for a bit to cool off. You do not get to decide whether or not you have hurt someone physically. I was not the only one to make a complaint about this person, either. I know adrenaline is a thing, but so are nerves and bruising.

-Some NPCs(?), or at least people in white headbands, wearing logo-print shirts. Even if you are out of game and not participating, its very jarring for people to see logo shirts when they are immersed. It takes 15 seconds to turn a shirt inside out.

-The stealth mod on saturday night. I didn't mind the idea, but the execution was a little bit sloppy and Coventry isn't exactly the safest camp at night and pacing around it with a safety light that was too bright- while carrying a sword and packets- was not my idea of fun. Cut my head on a branch, tripped into the stumps and almost rolled my ankle on the path back. Morale was a bit low when we were finished.

-Chatty NPCs. As a season NPC representing my guild, I try to enforce the rule that the wind is silent. PCs don't want to hear infernal stuff from people who aren't even supposed to be visible. And yet, however hard I tried, I was ignored many times by my fellow NPCs which is frustrating.

-Lack of mod sites. We need to have some more build days to clear out some spots because it almost felt at times shapers were competing for mod sites. Leading 30 PCs to a mod I wasn't the hook for, because another mod was on the same site, and then having to stall while it was being set up was a bit frustrating for all involved.

-My own stupidity lead me to forget the mask receptacle and a lot of masks were not put away in the right boxes. This was a hair frustrating for me on sunday morning when I had to re-organize it all. I'll remember for next time.

Ok! The negatives are now out of the way! Time for the positives!

Positives and favourite moments!

-Getting to contribute so much to the immersion with my masks. I feel like a lot of people were pleased that every brood mask was new and clean. Getting thanked personally for it by the owner also made me so happy and that little boost of confidence is what helped carry me through the hardest parts of the weekend.

-The effects on the first mod! As much as i complain about the smoke inhalation and the fireworks, it WAS really really cool to look at. The music, the explosions, the amount of brood, the wave battles, it was all just very well done and got tension and emotions running high.

-Playing the wood fae that had to be rescued. This was especially fun because Katie and I got to play several types of characters. A mother and her daughter, two lovers, friends who only had eachother. It was enjoyable to not immediately want to go with the PCs.
"I don't walk with people behind me.",
"Your numbers will attract them, you fools!"
and "GET GOING BEFORE I BITE YOU! ... *physical description: i bite your shoulder.*" were all highlights of that mod for me.

-Setting an ambush for a mod, sapping one of my buds, running from srog and then stabbing at every chance i could. I've never fought with a stiletto before so being able to do so was very enjoyable! Being out cold, brought to semi consciousness and then knocking myself back out while trying to stab my healer was great fun too.

-Playing brood and actually not sucking at combat for once. Brood, at their basicness, have a high Body with a few cool things they can do. For my brain, this was easy to keep track of so i could focus more on my swings and not get totally overwhelmed.

-Getting to play a family of wood fae youngsters and frustrating our aids. "ITS LIKE HERDING CATS!"

-Playing my Aja and causing a ton of trouble in town. I was not out for half an hour and I already wasted a suspension and life spell, made a threat on someone's life and insulted a true fae. Big Grin Oops! Naughty aja. I am happy my metaphore of 'not playing with a full deck' was not lost on people when i physically lost one of my rune cards. (which i did find!)

-The saturday egg-smashing mod. That kiddy pool was SO NASTY! But that really added to the immersion. Lots of tension when the PCs realized their friends were still inside the cave, too! Just standing at the entrance and clicking wildly at them, daring them to come back in and hearing them argue over the equality of lost lives.

-The saturday true fae gate mod. This, to me, was the most well executed mod of the weekend. Town did great working together with their shield walls, having magic slays was great and dying among a massive crowd of people- just hoping I get to explode on someone- was lots of fun. The brave PCs that actually picked up these potential acid bombs were most admirable.

-Scaring the PCs with burrowing. No matter what type of brood you play, burrowing is a great roleplay tactic. There is nothing like being cornered and then burrowing to safety, or burrowing under a massive group of pcs and having them scatter. The best was on the last mod when a group of about five of us popped up right in the middle of their defensive cluster.

-Getting to see some new animals. The quuakas were really funny. "Gaze shun!" "OH GOD THEY'RE HIDIOUS!" Believe me, missing my packets intentionally as the worst druid in the history of druids was super painful OOG.

-But the absolute highlight of that mod was Gigoliath wrestling with the Rhino-like animal for a long time, then vowing to give him a good home and keep him safe. Not only very heartwarming but there's nothing like an ogre-rhino forest wrestling contest.

-The costuming for a lot of the NPCs. The true fae were gorgeous, Pandora was exactly how I imagined she'd be and the horns for the wood fae were all unique (kudos to claire on that one!).

-The whole dynamic of NPC camp. Claire and Jane the camp moms (please forgive me if that's the wrong name ;-;!) were AMAZING! The costuming was always where it was supposed to be,

-Playing the animated undead for Ryan's true fae. Nothing like a greater undead materializing next to you, only to inform you of an art contest and then disintegrating into ashes, is there? Or having one feel like its face is being melted off with acid.

-speaking of that contest, amazing entries everyone! I enjoy watching people draw so it was a nice relaxing time for me. Ektas's made me bite my hand so I wouldn't laugh out loud as the wind.

-The dryad mod. It was saddening roleplay wise, but I got to play my character stats the same as my PCs, so the practice was good. That one sap prevented me from using polymorph other though! Someday though, someone WILL be turned into a dikdik. Mark my words. >:3

-That last mod was super intense and I will not lie when I say adrenaline alone pushed me through it. Playing a breeder brood means I got to heal my friends, impregnate a few unfortunate people and use some alchemy, something i have never gotten to do before. (its a lot more fun than i anticipated it being!)

-Making so many wonderful new friends and being able to hang out with old friends i don't get to see too often! The memories from that alone made this event so worth while.

Let's do it all again next year, guys! Big Grin
Just for the record the smoke we use is non toxic. It just tastes bad.
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
FABULOUS event, uber kudos to the NPCS and Shaper team - WONDERFUL job - extra props to the NPC who played the Hobling merchant Saturday afternoon asking for a list of items to be aquire (throw that man a heap o frags!)

Also, bring back the fire-breathing blacksmith - he added HUGELY to the immersion Smile

Holy crap guy's that was one hell of a game. Npc's and shapers you made this game possible so you have my deepest thanks.

CONS: Going home with a bag and a half of other people garbage.
The amount of cigarette butts I picked up on the trails was a little unsettling.
PROS: Npc's rocked the RP I was almost in tears at one point.
Fighting beside new and old faces was a blast.
Holy shit that dragon was amazing.
To have my character fight beside the emperor himself was a blast.
I felt like something was always going on. Sometimes it was hard choice go to tavern and eat or see what happened next.
But all in all people that was a amazing job. Again shapers and npc's thank you for all the hard work..it paid off, I can't wait until next years
(08-01-2016, 11:39 PM)GreggorCassian Wrote: Worst thing, SO many of you did not react to a walking talking brood thing. I think Ryan (Shaper) and Cat (Lark) were the only two who REALLY did much with it. Most people seemed cautious but that was it and then once i spoke "Oh ok it's Just Greggor." Disappointing.

Well, when I first saw you, you were walking out of the cabin and nobody else was freaking out, so I figured it was either ok or everybody was mind-controlled and what was I going to do about it anyway, so play along.  Also, humanoid brood?  Not even close to the scariest thing Alys has met.  And I did suggest peeling you like a shrimp. :p

I had a lot of fun, even though I didn't have a lot of energy to get out and do stuff.  I kept about as busy as I wanted to, and if I had wanted I know there was a lot more going on, so kudos on that front.  

Pros: As always, had a great time just RPing around Hawke's table.  Had an excuse to tell one of Alys's more disturbing personal stories.  
Enjoyed my NPC shift.  I know I'm not much of a fighter, so I try to make the most of what I can do (make people feel tough by getting hit a lot and then falling down :p).  Being a charger brood was pretty cool, even if I maybe did 0 damage the entire time.  
The last fight felt really organized on the part of the PCs, and it seemed like our tactics actually made a difference.  I'm not sure if anyone died in that fight, but I know I didn't see anyone drop to death count without getting Lifed.  ("Alys will be in charge of the healers; she's been in Jericho for 6 or 7 years and she's a very powerful healer."  "I'm in charge?  Usually Lark does that.  Oh no, I have to be Lark! I don't know if I can do this!")  At the end of the battle, when the Emperor started talking about a truce, I started to think maybe things could change for the better sometimes...and then when Dave said the Whiteraven forces were going on to their boats before us I thought "Ok, here comes the double cross; the world is functioning normally."
Explaining Alys's opinions on religion, and international politics.  
Some visits with characters who've been away that Alys has missed.  Return of stab jokes.
Hearing Dave as the Pantherghast Saturday night.  It was definitely a different sort of Pantherghast than usual, but I think it was right for the nature of the event.  Maximum terror and chaos, without a massive pile of corpses.  Seeing him again Sunday afternoon while all the elves were gone, looking around confused, I almost felt sorry for him.  (He...he just looked so lost...because OF COURSE Alys would consider trying to adopt the Pantherghast.  >-<)
I was going to go on a mod, then got mad about some people mouthing off about my apprentice and got fed up with the Jericho-ness of it all and left.  Afterwards I found out that almost everybody got turned into undead and I would have been entirely useless anyway.  Serendipity.

Big moments: Roland, Roland, and Malagant.  Poor Little Hoots.  
Meeting new Risen.  Alys is so sad and lonely.  ;_;  
Hard choices.  Like, crazy, impossibly hard choices.  Kind of a theme this event.  Unfortunately, Alys never had a chance to hear all the Court's plans directly, or to mention to more people that "giving the Wood Fae the choice to return when it was safe" means different things depending on who defines words like "choice" and "safe".  :<  We have probably done a terrible thing again.

Cons:  It would have been nice to be officially in-game during the wait for the beach storming mods, and an NPC or two to talk to might have been nice.  You might have gone a little overboard on the smoke during the first mod; it got a little tough to breathe up by the entrance for a bit, I can't imagine what it was like at ground zero.
I was too lethargic to make the most of a truly ridiculous spell pyramid.
Forgot my damn sunhat again.  :<  Only got a little red on my forehead, though, so that's good.

In conclusion: thanks to everybody for all the hard work that went into making this happen, and congratulations on a job well done.

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