The Gods Revamped: Name Your Einher Gods
We're removing the Einher Gods from the game world and moving some of their more popular themes into new, fictitious gods. This will cause some controversy, but we're going to take it on the chin, because we have good players who actively worship or reverie those gods OOG and we broke our own rules. One of the very first things we've ever written about Underworld is that we don't pull punches, we're 18+ and we have no ties to real world religion. This was back before we understood about the Norse Asatru. Firstly, let me apologize to those players. We should not have used your gods and twisted them to fit our game world. It was disrespectful and we're sorry. 

If anyone doesn't understand the necessity for this, try to imagine what it would feel like if you were a devout Christian and we put into game a God of Murder, called Jesus Christ. Not only would that be brutally insulting, but it would also take away from the immersion of the game. Now, Norse gods like Odin and Thor add to immersion for non religious players, but to the players who follow them for real, it is a part of the game they have to ignore. 

Our Global Shaper team have been working on the entire God system revamp and, included in this, are the removal of the current Einher pantheon and some of the real life religions words associated with Einher lore. You'll see a bigger post shortly that gives more detail on the god revamp project. Let's try to keep this thread to the new Einher gods. 

With all that being said, we're asking our player base, specifically our Einher, to help design the new Gods of Einher Origin. There will be 4 new gods recognized by the Church of Light as Savage Gods. These Savage gods are not exclusive to Einher, but will obviously be what the more "less civilized" and more barbaric races will be drawn too. I've written out the point form ideas for the 4 Savage gods below. Nothing here is written in stone, we can change anything, but we're most likely going to at least keep the concepts of who the 4 are. Help us fill in the unknowns. If we choose your idea, we will reward you with 5 frags per <Unknown>

Placeholder Title: Father Battle
Name: <Unknown>
Domain: Bravery in Combat, Storms, Valor
Symbol: <Unknown>
Sphere Granted: Light
Description: Lord of the Savage Gods. Walks the battlefield after war, collecting the spirits of those that died valiantly and with honour to take them to his great hall in Valhalla. His angels, The Valucre (Val-uh cray) assist him in this. He guards the World Tree Yggdrasil, whose roots and branches connect all realms and planes. He commands the lightning with his hammer named Mjolnir and storms with his short spear named Gungnir
Tenants: <Unknown 5> 

Notes: This god is a merge of Odin, Thor, and Tyr. 

Placeholder Title: Brother Trickster
Name: <Unknown>
Domain: Discord, Lies, Deception 
Symbol: <Unknown>
Sphere Granted: Dark
Description: The great Trickster. Represents chaos, random chance and discord. Never the same twice, morality and desires changing on a whim, his followers are obsessed with disharmony. Stagnation is disease to followers of this god, who will intentionally change facets of themselves daily and will do their best to sew discord into the lives of those they encounter. Highly intelligent, but physically weak, he lives in the shadows of the other savage gods, manipulating them through deception and lies. Is thought to be the father of <Mother Nightmare>. He is expected to lead them in battle against <Father Combat> in Ragnarok, end of the world. 
Tenants: <Unknown 5> 

Notes: This God is a merge of X and Loki

Placeholder Name: Mother Nightmare
Name: <Unknown>
Domain: Nightmares, Fear, Rejection
Symbol: <Unkown>
Sphere Granted: Dark
Description: Lady of the Lost. A nightmarish monster only seen in shadows. She rules in the Deadlands, a place between hells and heavens. She takes the spirits of the Einher who die outside of battle and condemns them to an eternity of cold, hunger and desolation. She is worshiped by monsters and/or those outcast by society. Those that would be labeled mistakes, freaks or the misshaped. 
Tenants: <Unknown 5> 

Notes: New god to replace Hel, but also to give a ruler to the Deadlands, non demonic hell.

Placeholder Name: Brother Sea
Name: Nethys
Domain: Sea, Safe Travel, Primal
Symbols: <Unknown>
Sphere Granted: <Unknown>
Description: A monstrous Leviathan that is rumored to live beneath the seas North of Jormunger. Patron of fishermen, pirates or those that travel often by boat. Is considered as volatile as the sea itself. Produces fog from his many mouths to cover the seas when angered, but can calm the waters with a thought when proper offerings have been given. 
Tenants: <Unknown 5> 

Notes: New God of travel and the sea. 

Potential real world Norse words to replace:
Asgard (Heavens)

Toss your ideas here or email us them at
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
perhaps, hopelessness or despair in-place of or in addition to Rejection/fear for Mother nightmare?

Symbol: the blank face of despair and depression.

- Foil dreams and goals, life is pointless teach this lesson to all.
- Bring others fears and nightmares to life so that they may taste of eternity.
- find the fears and night mares of those who claim to have none, especially the brave.
- Send those who champion bravery and hope to meat the mother of nightmares.
- Never avoid your fears. Live through your nightmares, suffering through them prepares you for the afterlife.

for Brother of Sea, would Kraken tread on naming issues other religions?

- Never fail to offer a portion of any bounty claimed from the sea back to the Kracken
- In life all things must be watched for life as the sea can change on the whim of the slightest provocation.
- Voyage and see as many lands as possible, but always prepare for the dangers of your travels.
- always hold close a bit of the sea, even when your travels pull you from its waters.
- Fog is a sign of the Krakens displeasure, right your wrongs.
Lord Dailan Flamestrike, Vizier of the Fell Lands, Last Vizier of the Arcane Academy, Duke of Flamestrike

A black robed figure trimmed with red. Holding a glowing staff
A suggestion: replace Brother Sea with a female, to balance out the pantheon and not give the impression that all Einish female gods are monsters or only love freaks.
Home Guild Jericho
PC: Tienna Freefeather, Human Farmer
PC: Viv, Gnome Tinkerer
Brother sea is viewed as a hideous giant kraken like sea monster, but I guess we can also give it a vagina.
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
We can give it like 7
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017
Suggestions for replacement words...

Valhalla - Fallen Hall, Hall of the Ascended
Ragnarok - Cataclysma, The Grand Reckoning
Yggdrasil - Eternal Willow, Infinity Tree
Valkyrie - "Death Goddess", Chooser of the Slain, Soul Maiden
Asgard (Heavens)
In order




(Work in progress. Will edit here to make things easier to find and reduce thread spam)

Vordr  (Vor-dur; Old Norse: Guard/Guardian)

Titles: Father Battle, All-Father, The Vigilant One, Thunderer, Guardian of Midgard

Domain: Bravery in Combat, Storms, Valor 

(Suggested: Earth & Sky, tying into Midgard responsibility. Fills in missing fertility divinity figure. Smithing also ties into Thor, and works the hammer/thunder/lightning angle... the sound of his hammer striking the divine anvil)

Symbol: (Suggestions: Weapon of choice, whether axe or hammer)

Sphere Granted: Light

Description: All-father, guardian of Midgard, spawned the races of men and claimed the domains of earth and sky for himself with a combination of his power and his hubris. He answers prayers that grow the crops and guard the forests almost as readily as prayers for fortitude in battle. A harsh, distant, and sometimes brutal figure that demands his devotees stand on their own two legs. While forthright and generous, willing to shelter the weak so long as respect is shown, his temper is legendary and his propensity for violence unmatched. Blood sacrifices please him, so long as  A deal with the Goddess of Death has given him claim on the most valiant of those who fall on the battlefield. 

The most faithful of his servants, Gíslaug, rides the daytime sky in her golden chariot with bow in hand.

1) Strength must be tempered with valour, or it is unworthy of respect. 
2) Weakness of flesh is pitiable. Weakness of character is contemptible. 
3) Courage, Loyalty, Forthrightness, and Hospitality are the greatest of all virtues. Cowardice, Betrayal, Deceptiveness, and Miserliness are the greatest of all sins. 
4) Placeholder.
5) [i][i]Placeholder.[/i]

Lygi  (Lee-gee; Old Norse: Lie)

Titles: Brother Trickster, Mother of Mischief, Father of Serpents, Mother of Monsters, Teller of All Tales, Fork-tongue

Domain: Discord, Lies, Deception (Suggested: Gambling, Fire, Art, Song, and Storytelling)

Symbol: Serpent forming a ring by devouring its own tail (Or "two snakes, facing each other, like this!")

Sphere Granted: Dark

Description: A charming figure who appears as man or women, depending on the whim of the day... but always with the tongue of a snake in his or her mouth.  Lygi's clever tongue and boundless imagination tell tales of wonder and valour and hope... as well as heart-rending sorrow, fathomless tragedy, and nameless horror. His words have power, and it is from these that monsters appear in the world... the greatest of which ascended to Godhood and claimed the sea as his domain.  Though possessed of great charm, Lygi is capricious and self-absorbed. The monsters he creates, he abandons without second thought to plague the world of men. The lies he tells and the sometimes fatal tricks he plays? Naught but jest, in his eyes.  His is more uncaring than cruel, which may make him all the more dangerous. Easily bored, even the brief lives of mortals may seem too stagnant to him, and so his favourite game - above all others - is to toy with the lives of lesser beings. When he tires of The Great Game, his machinations will bring about The End of Days. 

1) One who speaks only lies is a fool. One who speaks only the truth is both boring and a fool. 
2) Nothing is eternal, thus cling to no thing and no one beyond their time. Sometimes the world must burn.
3) A story well told, whether through art of hand or art of speech, is a worthy thing.
4) Placeholder.
5) Placeholder.

Andlát  (And-lat (?); Old Norse: death)

Titles: Mother Nightmare, Lady of Dreams, Queen of Death, Lady of Masks, Lady of the Lost

Domain: Nightmares, Fear, Rejection (Suggested: Nightmares/Dreams, Fear/Hope, Abandonment/Adoption, Birth/Death, Prophecy, Darkness, Battle... perhaps Moon & Magic?) 

Symbol: Twin Masks, one expressing joy, the other expressing horror or sorrow

Sphere Granted: Dark

Description: Lady of the Lost. She is said to wear two masks, one of joy and one of tragedy, her true face never seen -- the masks switching without warning, and woe betide the fool who has inspired tragedy. Her nature is steeped in dichotomy; one moment a fierce warrior with spear and shield in hand, the next a cunning sorceress; one moment a caring maternal figure who grants comfort to the abandoned and lonely, the next the cruel Queen of the Dead who doles out unspeakable punishments to those that fail her strict measure. She is a figure that inspires awe and fear more than adoration.... but always, always respect. 

When her greedy paramour claimed the mortal world for himself, she took hold of its dark reflection -- the land of death. Though Vordr struck a deal that gave him the most valiant of those who fall on the battlefield, she gets the vast majority of those who pass from the mortal realm, and these hapless souls are given to her judgement.  They may find a pleasant afterlife that resembles a beautiful, fertile valley... or the unforgiving torments in the dark, cold, wet subterranean demense she reserves for the unworthy. 

She brings nightmares, but also dreams... for fear cannot exist without hope. Those who are given her blessing may receive prophecy or messages from the beloved dead. She is terrible and harsh, but just. For this reason, she is more likely to look kindly upon the souls of those who have family and friends that have entered Vordr's service... for they have at least been touched by valor. 

Monsters and outcasts frequently worship her, whether in hopes of placating her and tempering her inevitable judgement, or because she has been known to offer succour to the horrific and unwanted. She is said to have adopted many of Lygi's carelessly outcast, nightmarish offspring, and given them a purpose in her dark and terrifying service. 
1) Joy and Sorrow are but twin sides of the same coin. Celebrate both, as you will bring both into the world.
2) Faithfulness and loyalty are the greatest of all virtues. Visit suffering upon those who would abandon them.
3) The world is a place of fear, and rightfully so. Respect those who have the strength of heart to show valour in the face of this... but bring them damnation if it is merely foolishness rather than courage.
4) Placeholder.
5) Placeholder.

Hafvíl  (haf-Veel(?); Old Norse: sea trouble)
Note: Original name was listed as Nethys. Nethys is also a god in the Pathfinder games. Returning to Nordic roots and stepping away from another game might be best. 

Titles: Brother Sea, That Which Lurks Beneath, The Terror Below, The Hidden Horror

Domain: Sea, Safe Travel, Primal (Suggested: Battle, Fortune/Luck)

Symbols: The rune, Laguz. Anything less abstract may draw his fickle and deadly attentions. 

Sphere Granted: <Unknown>

Description: A monstrous Leviathan that is rumored to live beneath the seas North of Jormunger. Patron of fishermen, pirates or those that travel often by boat. Is considered as volatile as the sea itself. Produces fog from his many mouths to cover the seas when angered, but can calm the waters with a thought when proper offerings have been given. 

It is the offspring of Lygi, born from one of his earliest tales of the sea. Abandoned, as expected of Lygi, it grew wild and unpredictable, transforming into a horror and running amok until comforted by the dark touch and soothing words of Andlát. It had so grown in power that it ceased to be a mere monster, and had become a God unto itself -- and so Andlát entreated Vordr to entrust the sea to the beast, for in those fathomless depths it might roam to its heart content without destroying the mortals that cling to the land.

1) Respect the power of the sea, or be swallowed by it.
2) Placeholder.
3) Placeholder.
4) Placeholder.
5) Placeholder.

Potential real world Norse words to replace:

Valhalla -  Vaskrholl (Vas-kur-holl; Old Norse: Hall of the Brave)
The demense of Vordr, as well as the name of the vast mead hall where the most valiant of warriors dwell until the End of Days, when they shall march forth as his foot soldiers in the last, great war.

Ragnarok - Lykdagr (Leek-dagger; Old Norse: End of Days, End of Dawn)
Lygi will, after long ages, finally pay attention to his offspring, Hafvíl, and coerce the great beast into striding the land once again. Andlát will give birth to seven children, fathered by Vordr, before being devoured by the creature she once comforted; the eldest of her children will throttle Lygi to death for his crime. In his death throes, Lygi releases a grand fire that spreads like a plague across the world.  Hafvíl, mad with grief and rage, attempts to devour Mootvidr, and end all things past and present. 

With Andlát dead, all monsters (including filthy dragons) run amok, and the evil dead rise to plague the world; Vordr attempts to stem the tide of destruction by summoning the Einherjar to battle.  Flame and horror consume the mortals. Vordr will confront and slay Hafvíl in an attempt to save the mortal world, but in doing so will further the destruction. He slays Hafvíl before staggering nine steps, handing his weapon to the eldest child of Andlát and himself, then expiring. 

Only humankind survives, and a small number of them. A new king of the Gods rules his six siblings, and they in turn guard and nurture a rebuilding world.

Yggdrasil - Mootvidr (Moot-VEE-dur)
Drawn from the Old Norse, miǫtviðr, which means "measure tree" or tree which metes out fate)

Valkyrie - Víkroekn (VEEk-roe-ken)
Taken from Old Norse, Vik (woman), Kjosa (aquire for someone), Froekn (valiant). Literally, "the women who choose the valiant".  Their leader is Gíslaug, who rides across the daytime sky in a blazing golden chariot, her deadly bow in hand. 

Niflheim - Daudrland (Daw-dur-land; Old Norse: Land of the Dead)
The vast and labyrinthine realm of Andlát.  It is said that it, and Vaskrholl, can be reached at Asfell (God Mountain), the tallest mountain in Mjoll... and perhaps the tallest in the mortal realm. 
Hreystgardr -- Old Norse; hresti (valour), gardr (court/hall). Court of the Valiant.
Vaskrholl -- Old Norse; vaskr (brave), holl (hall). Hall of the Brave.
Godrskali -- Old Norse; godr (brave), skali (sleeping-hall)

Lots of words for bravery and valour in old norse, as well as to describe a hall/court/etc. Mixing those around seems to generate names that have the right vibe for the Einher home of the valiant dead. I rather like Vaskrholl myself.
Father Battle
Name: Dagda-Ur
Domain: Bravery in Combat, Storms, Valor
Symbol: A short lightning-bolt spear piercing an upside-down dragon through the midsection
Sphere Granted: Light
Description: Lord of the Savage Gods. Walks the battlefield after war, collecting the spirits of those that died valiantly and with honour to take them to his great Hallowed Halls. His angels, The Valucre (Val-uh cray) assist him in this. He guards the World Tree Suturassil, whose roots and branches connect all realms and planes. He commands the lightning with his hammer named Ragnhild and storms with his short spear named Zormagundr
1. The battlefield is your temple and the song of steel on steel your prayer. Build no temples and do not risk my wrath by beseeching my favor without earning it in battle first.
2. Valor is won only through combat with a capable foe. The weak, the sick, and the old are to be spared your axe.
3. Cowards will not be taken into my realm, only those that stand firm in the face of Death shall be lifted into my Hallowed Halls.
4. Battle is the true judge of a Man's worth. Do not shirk from engaging in it.
5. Cowardly tactics such as assassination and ambush are anathema to you. Without risk to yourself, valor cannot be won.

my 2c

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