Partially aluminum chainmail
I had a question about how armor made partially of aluminum is handled. In particular, I'm looking at making some some Japanese 12-in-1 (a mix of 6-in-1 and 12-in-2), but I was looking at using anodized aluminum for the jump rings. I was wondering how it would be judged for armour points.

To quote the rulebook:

Quote:Chain mail - 3 pts./location: Links of metal chain woven together, no less thick than 18 gauge wire, with inner ring diameter of ¼“, 16 gauge wire with inner ring diameter of 3/8” or any gauge /diameter with an aspect ratio of6 or less will be graded as full value. Any chain mail constructed of wire thinner than 18ga that meets the aspect ratio of 6 will be considered 'micro mail' and be assessed a value of 2 points per location.

Quote:• Any armour made from aluminum, copper, or other soft metals will receive a full point penalty
• Any armour made from ANY light weight alloy (such as zinc, roofing tin, street signs)

The armour is technically made from aluminum, in part, but over half of it will be steel, so would this be two points per area, three points per area, or some variation thereof?

On a different note, just to be sure, how is armour with aluminum accents, such as chainmail with an anodized aluminum edging to add some color, be handled, as that technically is also made from aluminum?
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By and large, this would be at the discretion of the armour marshal in charge. That being said, it's a tough call. It depends on how thorough he/she wishes to be. But I've had a couple of occasions where I've had to marshal a similar situation.

I have personally always followed the rulebook constant of "Rounding Down". Let's consider locations 14/15, the forearm, as it's the easiest to envision. I've had players come in with really intricate designs, mixing steel and aluminum before. Just as the armour would need to cover 3/4 of the arm, I would say the armour must also be 3/4 steel, in order to count for the full 3 points. I would typically only make this concession if the aluminum rings were being used strictly for aesthetic purposes, not to gap fill.

As for edging, I've passed a ton of full steel chain mail suits with anodized aluminum edging, if for no other reason than it looks pretty, it's not excessive, and probably is less than 5% total aluminum.

Of course, these are the standards I went by, and are subject to the head armour marshal interpretation.

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