World Shaping Council / Warcry 2018 : We're Hiring!
We’re hiring World Shapers, writers and more!

Your World Shaping Council have been working hard getting World Plot and our Warcry storyline moving into full swing. The greatest war our continent has ever seen approaches. And, with a war this massive, we’re going to need some help. There are tidal waves of Empire and Alliance forces to crush, gods to thwart and maybe even some Firstborn to summon.

We’re excited to announce that we’re now looking to hire the rest of the Warcry team! If you want in on the largest Underworld event of the year (and probably ever, given how things have been growing) then the time has come for you to follow your destiny. Be the World influencing  badass writer you were always meant to be. Get your application in today!

Note: We’ve put in the concept of a cash bonus based on a percentage of earnings because if we do well, you do well. As a disclaimer we won’t know our final numbers until after the event so instead we’ve put in an estimate based off our numbers for 2016 (The last year Warcry was hosted in Ontario). These numbers are NOT to be taken as promises. Ideally we want people to shape, write and volunteer because they love doing it. That requirement doesn’t change. We just want to offer some bonus because we know how much hard work it will be.

5 World Shapers  - Must attend Warcry

World Shapers this year will assist with running Warcry. World Shapers will be responsible for assisting with writing and carrying out the main Warcry storyline. World Shapers will likely be given a focus area, however, all plots World Shapers run will relate to the Warcry storyline.

World Shapers may also write other World storylines as needed, at the discretion of the World Shaper Team Leads (David and Daniel). World Shapers may assist in carrying out World Plot at the guild level, but only as directed by the World Team Leads and that Guild’s Guildmaster. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

World Shapers must be able to attend Warcry. You will be expected to Shaper the event but will be given a one 3-hour “PC break” at Warcry.

World Shapers should expect to meet about twice a month via Discord with the Lead Shaper (David Ashby) and Head Narrator (Daniel Finn) to help with writing and Warcry prep. World Shapers will be expected to assist with set up, take down and clean up at Warcry.

Payment details: 2 Blankets 25 frags at the Guild of your choice
Bonus - 10% of net profits split between the group (approximately $175 each)

5 World Narrators - Must attend Warcry

Narrators will assist with writing the World Plot as directed by the World Shaper they are assigned to. Narrators will each be responsible for playing major NPC(s). Narrators are not always directly responsible for writing plot, but rather carry or act it out, as a consistent role. Narrators are an important role to the Warcry team, as they help free the Shapers up from running the necessary NPC roles and writing the plot. Narrators will be the ones on the ground with the PCs, listening to their needs and reporting back to their World Shaper so we can react appropriately. Narrators may also stay in-game for extended periods of time, to add immersion and continuity to our most major storylines. Narrators should be experienced LARPers with strong roleplay abilities, a good memory for storylines, can work as part of team, and have the ability to meet specific goals and targets while adapting on the fly and responding to PCs. Narrators are literally meant to be the heartbeat of the Warcry storyline - you will be the ones making the game right on the ground.

Narrators (for obvious reasons) must be able to attend Warcry. Narrators will be given two 3-hour “PC breaks” at Warcry.

Narrators should expect to meet with the World Shaper Team intensively (meaning up to once every week) in the three months leading up to Warcry to help with writing and preparation. Narrators should expect to assist with set up, take down and clean up at Warcry.

Payment details: 2 Blankets 15 frags at the Guild of your choice
Bonus 5.8% of net profits split between the group (approximately $100 each)

3 Monster Marshals + Makeup / Costuming Directors - Must attend Warcry

Monster Marshals are expected to loot, stat and prep monsters and roles for Shapers. This typically comes up when Shapers needs to send out ‘crunchies’, however, as this is Warcry, Monster Marshals this year may get to assist in designing major boss monsters. Monster Marshals must have a strong grasp of the rules and mechanics of the game. We would ideally like someone who also understands rituals, artifice and templates, but it is not necessary. Must be adaptable and be able to stat / loot / motivate monsters and roles on the fly. Previous experience as a MM not necessary.

One of the Monster Marshals this year will also be responsible for makeup / costuming major characters at Warcry. This role requires that you be good at makeup. All other skills or experience is great. None of the current team is good at makeup so please help. Monster Makeup Marshal may be involved in designing the costumes for major bosses. Sewing /cosplaying experience are also not necessary but probably would be very helpful so please mention if you have those skills.

Monster Marshals will not likely be expected to meet with the World Shaping Council before Warcry.

Monster Marshals must be able to attend Warcry. Monster Marshals will be given one 3-hour “PC break” (at different times) at Warcry and may even be allowed to sleep.

Payment details 2 Blankets 25 frags at the Guild of your choice
Bonus 3.5% of net profits split between the group (approximately $100 each)

4 World Writers

Writers will assist with producing the content that leads up to Warcy. We need 4 of you to create the hype! And also edit. We need editors. Writers will continue the work we have started and will shape the storyline as it unfolds leading up to Warcry. Writers will work at the direction of the World Shapers, but will still get all the best credit (i.e. the credit for making people feel and stuff. You know. Imagery and emotions).

We say writers but we mean storytellers. Writing is just one medium in which you will spin tales. Writers will be expected to produce about 2 posts a month. Post content will vary as the story develops but could including writing, video, audio, pictorial, etc. Writers must be comfortable using multiple voices in writing. Essential skills include proofreading, editing (both self and others), storytelling outside traditional methods, and meeting deadlines.

Writers are not required to attend Warcry. World Shapers and Narrators may also act as writers.

Payment details: Frags dependent on article size and medium.
Bonus - Up to 4.1% of net profits split between the group (approximately $80 each)

1 Guild Liaison

This is a new role. As the World Shapers write and develop plot, we will need somebody to summarize this into the form of potential mods, adventures and stories that our local guilds can choose to run. If the Brood land in force on the western shores, than this is a great opportunity for our Guilds on the western coast to run some Brood stories. Our Guild Liaison will communicate with local guildmasters, inform them of happenings in their area and help offer suggestions and stories that they might use to entertain their playerbase. This position, and the work it entails, only happens before and after Warcry. Attendance at Warcry itself is not mandatory.

Payment Details: Frags dependent on work load
Bonus - Up to 1.5% of net profits (approximately $130)

How to: Apply

If you are interested in any of the roles, please email How to: Apply

If you are interested in any of the roles, please email
Please include:

Player Name
Home Guild
All active UW characters
Years played at UW
Role for which you are applying (may be multiple roles)
Why you are suitable for each role
What you expect to do in that role
Preferred method of contact (email / Facebook / Discord)
Can you use Discord, Google Drive and Skype?
Who the Warcry Team Leads are (not a trick question)
Please confirm for EACH ROLE if you are available to attend Warcry
Answer the following riddle “What happened to the outlaw?” Show your work

There was an Malagant follower in a small town in Felnir that was sentenced to death for the crime of necromancy. The sheriff of the town offered the necromancer a choice of method of execution based on the accused’s last words.

"If you tell a truthful statement, you will be decapitated. Otherwise, you will be hanged," said the sheriff.

A few days passed, and it was the day of the scheduled execution. The townspeople gathered around the square, waiting to hear the necromancers last words, as they would decide his method of execution.

The Malagant scum said "I will be hanged."

That’s it! There are no real hard limitations to who we pick. Just because you’re new does not mean you do not qualify. Sometimes a new perspective on things is needed. Mostly because we’re all old and used to our way of doing things. So don't let a lack of experience get you down!

Seize your destiny. Apply to Warcry.

Hiring closes: March 9, 2018 at 10pm.

First team meeting for Warcry: Sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 2pm.
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017

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