News from the Empire: Gilhartd Songsteel Reporting
Disaster Strikes in the Heart of Berphaunt!

Gilhartd SongSteel reporting from the College of Bards in the heart of Berphaunt with this breaking news.

Prince Marcel, first heir to the Empire and beloved of the people, is missing! He was last seen distributing humanitarian aid, food and council to the less fortunate living in the outer walls of the city. His personal guards were found murdered by foul magic, their bodies hidden in the sprawling alleys of the city.

I spoke with the commander of the City Guard and he has vowed that no efforts will be spared and no stone left unturned in the search for the Emperor's eldest son. Imperial soldiers have been withdrawn from patrols in the countryside to reinforce the city guard in this task. The Berphantian Military and City Watch ask that citizens of the Empire to comply with their questions and orders as they conduct their duty to find the beloved heir.

A source from within the castle and a friend of the court tells us that Empress Annadonna was so distraught when the news reached her that she dismissed her own personal guards with orders not to return until her son was found. With this elite unit, lead by the Empress's own First Champion Imrik Adalite investigating, most are confident the prince will be returned in short order.

The Emperor's Lord Seneschal Marius Paynes, in an official address to the Chamber of Lords, stated that a ransom would be paid if shown proof of Prince Marcel’s well being. He was also heard to say that when apprehended no punishment would be too severe for the culprits of this heinous crime.

The city remains in a somber mood while....

Wait… we have just received some exciting new information.

While these are dark days indeed, we are not without hope. This day, though shrouded in worry, gives way to the light of promise. It is with pride that the college of bards and entertainers has been graced with delivering to you, our faithful audience, most glorious news.

Join with me, together, as loyal citizens of the Empire, and let us welcome new life forth into this world. I speak of none other than the Empress Annadonna Cordelle who is now with child!

Long live the Empire, long live the Empress, long live her heir!

The Emperor is beside himself with joy and has decreed that the moment Prince Marcel is found and returned safely to the castle, 7 days of celebration shall begin. When a name has been chosen, we will be the first to let you know.

From the College of Bards, Gilhartd SongSteel
David Ashby
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