Southern Brewlord Clan
Brewlords of Ralinwood,

Upon the Height of Winter, I shall be visiting your shores. Chieftain Capri the Never-Sober! Make preparations for my arrival. Gather Warboss Orokgrim and Gnar. We shall have drink, and spin great tales. I have much to discuss with all of you regarding the coming year.

Java Aquari. Student of Nani Bonerattler. My wayward Shaman. This Kraja has heard bits and pieces of the last few months. I ask you assist your brother in making preparations for my landfall to Ralinwood. We need to do some jaw flapping. Understood?

I shall make my way across the Skein Gateways in under a month's time, and bring ample drink with me for all to partake. Stay well my brethren, my family. For the love of the great plumes of fiery light... stay well.

Gigoliath the Flame Thrower
Brew Master of the Kraja
Chieftain of the Brewlord Clan
Slayer of Shuc'Noc the Eternal
First Ogre of the Ebon Khan
Adam Petković
New Player Liaison at Underworld LARP: Jericho
((PC Email:

Jericho: Gigoliath the Flame Thrower (Ogre)
Ralinwood: Blank (Faceless)
Ashendael: Om'un Rohgu (Ogre)

Chiefchief is coming! I am so excited!
Cora's already here and is settling in good with her granpapa.
I'll make sure Gnaw and Warboss see this too!
Java's currently under the weather with a bad flu...that I prolly gave him...but I'll make sure he hears this!
Can't wait to see you again, Chiefchief!
Strawberry of Kestrel
Lambart Skittersby

Pawp! the Fasthanded

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