A Followup, Regarding Ixiad
To those who read my last missive,

Ixiad is free. She has helped Jericho deal with Father, whether on a temporary basis or not. To Thelonius, to anyone who sent aid, and all of Jericho, particularly the Brewlords, Fenheim, and Ostrozne of the Blood Red Rose, I am grateful. I will continue to protect my town, my friends and family, and serve my mistress in her rightful territory.

-- Svala Strogdottir, Knight of Ixiad.

Hearing of your twofold success makes my heart sing with joy. I hope that Ixiad's long overdue return to her native plane means that she'll soon be as well-known and oft-spoken of as the rest of her brothers and sisters on Maud'Madir.

Was there an exact day that she was freed? Like Essyllt's return on the 25th of February, I think it's a date worth noting for the records of history.

- Adeline Vivant
Adeline Vivant, blonde High Elf. High-pitched healer, seamstress, scribe, and follower of Tezoth. (Zenithstrand)
Seraphina Xukuth'Velve, red-haired Dark Elf. Oddly friendly archer from Antioch. (Kalidor)

Seamstress, dragon lover, disappointingly round ears.
Dear Adeline,

October 29th, 2259. In the early afternoon.

-- Svala
It brings me great joy that another firstborn was freed from captivity. Congratulations all that were involved. I hope the bards sing of your accomplishments.
Argus Dýnami, Black Wolven and Aspiring Weaver of Vesmir
(Wyatt Lefebvre)
To Svala

We briefly spoke on Amaranthine. Forgive my ignorance on this but I know next to nothing about ixiad. And I truly do wish to know more about her. Would you mind if I requested a letter about what she’s like and what she stands for?

- Domina Branwen Ferona
Guildhouse: Zenithstrand
Name: Lorelai Horne
Character: Branwen Ferona the Domina of House Ferona
A Dark elf who wears her trials with pride

Would you believe that I hardly have a silver to my name to put towards sending private Skein messages or letters? Dragon Knight is not a very lucrative job, surprisingly. I'll see what I can do, though. I am here to spread the word of my mistress and clear up any misinformation.

-- Svala
Jericho: Svala Strogdottir, Einish Knight of Ixiad
Ralinwood: Theodosia, Hobling Baker

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