Review Thread : Warcry!
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Edward Watt
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Founder
Guild Jericho : General Manager
Amazing event.

Really well done, 10 out of 10 will do again.


wood fae

seriously this was the first time that I actually got a little misty during a larp event, and all we did was drink tea with an old wood fae. Kyle you out do yourself.

being able to use small lights facing down was great, I would love to see this enacted at regular events.


I wish I had more time to do everything I wanted to do.
6'2" tall male wood fae, brown hair, brown eyes, wears reds, greens and blacks. Either smiling or looking confused.
1 word AMAZING Smile

only con
Merchant hours were the same time as the kings summit
Bob The Blacksmith: human male in a leather apron
Wow, so much to say... So I'll get right into it!

The Good:

- Beautiful site, the forest was really amazing to navigate through and gave some intense immersion

- Creative props, loved the reveal for the Brood Queen(s) and Empress!

- The roleplaying... I can't say this enough, I have an amazing time each and every time. Having the camps set in small areas made for some unique dynamics and I got to RP with some folks I haven't before, but the effort every single person puts into their character shows

- Creeping out most of game as a Brood skulking through the forests, making noises late-night Smile

- The tragedy! The story that was told this weekend was.. just epic. It was heart-wrenching, had some twists and really made some unique situations

- Props to the Nobles Smile You guys really know how to RP in a way to make folks rage so hard

The Bad:

- The pathways. It was downright brutal at points where we had to walk through really rough paths to get to mods, the stage, etc. My feet are mulched after this weekend, moreso than usual. I think the odd way my feet moved all weekend contributed to that

- Liquid Lights. It was really tough at times to either see because it was so excruciatingly dark or see because someone flashed a light in your face. During the NPC shift I had, only a couple out of our group of about 10 had lights (which we tried to use sparingly as to not alert PCs to our location). At times, it was very treacherous and difficult to traverse the forest. Having the main paths illuminated would have helped this and added an eerie ambience, I think

- NPCs were oddly stat'd, some Brood exploding for 20 body damage, some for 5. NPCs not acknowledging when skills are used on them (if they hit or miss) and I did not see anyone collecting tags for items being used, or checking that skills were marked when they were used. It was pretty chaotic, even for the NPCs.

The Ugly:

- My character has not had so many reasons to be angry and cry at one game

- That BLEEPING DAMNED ORC that went around asking "Are you important?" broke my character's freaking heart when he was killed. He spent 20 minutes ugly-crying when he heard the news.

- Slowly realizing the I need to find a way to alter my character's "hated race", cause he has a brand new respect for Orcs Tongue

All in all, absolutely fantastic weekend. Thank you to EVERYONE who put this together cause you surprised and entertained EVERYONE Big Grin I had an absolute blast, experienced the strongest fear, anger and sadness I ever had at a LARP. Epic event.
Ted and I were only there for log on Friday and then for ...uh...however long we were there Saturday.

Log seemed to go well. With so many people! Wow, so many people.

Costumes looked great.

So many faces I did not recognize.

Beautiful land.

Lots of great RP from what I could see.

Heather Ingram aka Edward Watt's Wife
Making players cry since 2009 (2001 if you're Simis)
UW - Jericho
I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed this event. The land was amazing, the story was freaking ridiculous and amazing, and the players from other guilds were awesome to interact with.

I have never felt so patriotic as a Berphauntian. I actually wanted to dive in front of Louis several times and kill people who disrespected or threatened him.

Hilarious Logan murder and evil plots. These are always my favorite thing to do. Getting to do them on a more global scale was so awesome.
Getting intensely religious as Logan was really interesting. I loved it.

To the Kalidor players who I had the pleasure of dealing with over legal matters: you were fantastic. This was so fun and ridiculous. You were all amazing. To the savar Leo: you are one ballsy and hilarious little dude. That last Sleep spell nearly ended in a TON of bloodshed.

The Princesses were hilarious and awesome. They all looked amazing amd managed to be amazing characters who had a lot of depth.

Bryce, you rocked being the Prince. When I told you I was the Ambassador of Styphon it was priceless. It made for some really fun RP.

All of the freaking loot. Holy crap awesomeballs.

Those brood wagons! Shaman as usual good damn job.

The lights for dark paths . Really good for super dark times.

The paths. Can't really call it a negative as it did not ruin my game. The mud was a pain in the ass but on the other hand I loved the large open paths.

People using waaaaay too bright of lights to rep the crystals. Also when they weren't just using them to look at the ground. Losing night vision because someone brought their handheld floodlight and pointed it in my face sucks. Other than that I had no cons.

Again, this event was amazing.
Greg Zaharias
Jericho Player
Character: Logan Cromwyll
Medical Marshal
Weapons/Armor Marshal
I NPC'd the weekend - I don't think I've ever seen such a tight and well organized NPC camp. Everything seemed to go and come like clockwork and from feedback I heard I think even players could tell.

It was amazing to also see how easily shapers of all guilds worked together to create a cohesive event. Despite any istance the benefits of guilds of one Underworld LARP system really showed when we all come together.

There were many challenges over the weekend (like having torch lit paths and being asked to remove the torches by the site owner) but I feel both PCs and NPCs overcame them well - thank you so much for choosing to have this event on a unique site for everyone, I think it really added to it.

One criticism I would have is that despite how dark it was, there was a LOT of flashlights being pointed down paths, into eyes, and lanterns as bright as the sun in some camps at night. It made it VERY hard to NPC at time. Please do keep in mind all lighting policies - that lights should have a filter and not be straight LEDs, that safety lights are for s safety not for shining at NPCs you hear in the dark, and that you do need tags for lanterns and that sort of thing.

Special notes:
LARP's: The Series folks, it was amazing to have you around and you really added another level to the event. Hope you find time to come back out and join us at future events and I'm glad you had a blast!

PC's, from all chapters this is the best RP I have experienced as an NPC at an event since starting Underworld almost three years ago - you really upped the bar and it was amazing. Renee and "Horned Pinky with fur hat", you two knocked my socks off keep it up!

Seeing the difference that one PC RPing with one masked NPC can make on a global and on going scale for the future of this game makes me so excited I am beyond words.
I can't. . .I just can't. This event makes my top 5 of UW events I've been at.

- interaction with members from other chapters.
- inter-guild drama due to theological differences.
- Picking up on history of the world and able to use it later on during mini-mods.
- Darr, omfg man you rock. CrocaDarr!!! All the feels of both sadness and awesomeness. Seeing you totem and then do the crocodile thing across the moat to the island. So EPIC!! *FIST BUMPS*
- Props: Brood Queen. OMG so good. Then the next time we see it. . .Brood Queen. . . .another Brood Queen. . ..wait there are people mounted on them. OMFG cool! OH SHIT! Brood Emperess!. Shaman, Kyle, etc (sorry if I don't name everyone) You guys are just the hum diggity awesome prop team!
- All the Shapers, NPC's, shift NPC's, etc you all did an amazing job. Everything was smooth, didn't see many rule call holds that sort of thing. It was great.
- Personal IG drama. oh boy!
- Jam Jam time! Cage/Jeremy, you are amazing.

- fellow larpers than can't clean up after themselves. I had other peoples garbage in my camp, picked up everything from plastic knife, empty sports drink bottles, and empty water bottles.
- lore between chapters/guilds are way too different and causes non-global issues with canon info. I know this is being addressed, just makes for weird RP.

All I can say is just way too much to process and remember. All I know is that it was awesome!
aka Jason Lenan
Jericho Guild
Jericho Mage's Guild Guild Master
Cleric of Salam

After the few first mentions of garbage laying around and paths being super muddy and hard to navigate at night I think we got the picture. Let's keep the reviews game oriented rp/mods/shapers/players/experiences/etc.

Jimmy, you were awesome all game. Never missed a beat (or a chance to cut something off someone)

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