Warcry 2017: Summary of Events
Day 1
As the month of July closes, our adventurers, heroes and villains make their way en masse to the island of Melinda. There, under the cover of night, they are met with the two renegade royals, Prince Leopold of Tifanue and Princess Louisa of Berphaunt, the latter of whom is six months pregnant.  

Shortly after all are gathered, the Purple Firstborn Essylt summons their powers and opens a rift into the nightmarish place known as the Far Realm. Travel through the far realm was slow and laborious, assault on all sides by not just monsters of lore, but also demons and their ilk serving the Demon Prince who calls the Far Realm home, Nilestromus.  Struggle our heroes did, but they made it to the end. Luck however, was not with them.  Standing on the end of a bridge, between our heros and the portal to their destination, Amaranthia, stood a throng of powerful greater demons sent by Nilestromus not to battle, but to bargain. To allow passage they demanded true names.  13 was the number they called, but before any mortal could give their spirit to the Nightmare Lord for eternity, Prince Leopold stepped forward. He offered his true name, the true name of royalty in exchange for the escape of the others. The Princess cried out and the people who loved him begged him to reconsider, but he would not. The demons took Leopold to their dark master, granting passage as they agreed on. Disheartened, heartbroken and in tears, Princess Louisa took up the mantle of leadership for the first time in her life and led our adventurers out of the Far Realm.  

The fields of Amaranthia were much like those on Maud’Madir if you filled them with giant bugs. Our adventurers first met a few leaders of the Sons of Sprawn. Together, as allies, the Sons took our united factions to a safe camp in which, at it’s center, shone a bright beacon.  They explained that there was another Orc tribe here known as the Ebon Khan. They were immune to the death and destruction of the Brood by, as they put it, “fighting fire with fire.” While traditionally the brood would capture and impregnate the mortal races, the Ebon Khan did this but in reverse.  They captured brood queens and, through arcane ritual, made Orc/Brood hybrids, immune to the sight and senses of the local brood queens in command. They also shared between themselves a localized hivemind to communicate. The Ebon Khan crafted this lantern for safety and informed that it ran on a specific type of oil only found in brood queens.  So long as it was lit, the brood would ignore the camps. Our adventurers settled down for the night, hearing the screams of their friends who were too foolish to camp under the lights protective shine.

Day 2
As the sun rose high, members of the Sons of Sprawn, together with the Ebon Khan, invited the united factions of Whiteravan and Empire together for a summit. All factions and clans agreed to unite save one,  Shuc’Noc the Eternal, servant of styphon and chieftain of Bar’Ghul clan. Shuc’Noc demanded the pink skins die and swore that he would never ally with their enemies.  
“They are useful for two things,” the Ogre Magi and rumoured lich shouted. “Serving Syphon as undead in his army, or falling beneath the axes of the Sons of Sprawn.”

Krulbjorn Lightstrike, Paladin of Valdr and leader of the Stormborn Clan stood against Shuc’noc then. The Paladin demanded he step down as he was not the true leader of the Sons of Sprawn. Shuc’noc shook with rage and approached Krulbjorn mensingly. Shuc’Noc grasped Lightstrike by the throat and with unnatural strength hoisted him into the air. He called out to his black devil dragon and then, using vile draconic magic, severed the divine connection between the Paladin and his god, killing him instantly.  To add further insult to injury he then cast necromantic magics to raise the fallen hero before storming off, swearing to return if the pink skins were not slaughtered.

Once the scene was settled and Krulbjorn was put to rest the Ebon Khan stepped forward. They declared both themselves and the Sons of Sprawn were unsure if they wished to aid the united civilized factions, but they were willing to give them a chance to prove their strength. The Ebon Khan require brood queens to populate their breeding pit and the last queen was dying. They sent our adventurers on a quest to capture a young brood queen.

The battle for the live queen was long and hard, but in the end our heroes and villains worked together to bring her down. They laid her bloody, but breathing chitinous body at the feed of the Ebon Khan. The strange Orcs, obviously impressed, gifted our adventures with 5 specialized brood eggs. They were told that Ga’more could not be defeated this day, but in a year's time these eggs would hatch, giving the forces of Maud’Madir a small chance to confront and defeat him in one final battle.

Shortly after the end of the summit a strange multicolored prismatic Draconian appeared.  He claimed to be called “The Custodian” and he gathered those who spoke well of the Firstborn. What he told them in secret is unknown, but it is said they could be seen leaving the lands of the Brood on spectral drakes of their chosen Dragon. They returned a few hours later without their multicoloured friend.

As the sun set on the second day, Shuc’Noc the Eternal gave our brave adventurers a taste of what was to come if they disobeyed his orders.  Undead hordes rose from the ground and attacked in force.  Zombies Lords, Plague Knights and Greater Banshees took to battle while a force of lesser undead followed closely behind.  The night was fearsome and the screams of the dying pierced the night until the early morning.

Day 3
In the afternoon heat, three Minotaurs claiming to be from the Vendetta Concordat approached the center of town feigning friendship. One brute of unusual size approached the princess. Without warning he withdrew a stiletto, hidden in his armour and begin stabbing downwards into the stomach of the pregnant royalty. Onlookers tried to intercede, but the Minotaurs that flanked the attacker began to defend him. The unborn child was brutally ripped from its mother's womb and the cord was severed with a mighty blow of the Minotaurs weapon. With their dark work done the Minotaurs then seemed confused at their actions. A few brave souls fought them and captured them for interrogation. It was then discovered that these Minotaurs were assaulted by some form of magical gas and made pawns in a greater scheme by some unknown force.
Princess Louisa retreated to her tent as physicians tried to save the baby. Once again, fate would not shine on them this day and the child, heir to both the Throne of Tifanue and the Empire of Berphaunt, was burned and laid to rest.  

The time for mourning was cut short for as the sun set, the ground began to shake and rumble. Bursting through the trees a massive undead mammoth charged at our forces.  On a platform on his back, sat the lich Shuc’noc.  Undead poured out of the mammoth as the Bar’Ghul leader sieged the makeshift town. The battle lasted hours and things looked grim, but once it was discovered the mammoth acted Shuc’nuc’s Phylactery, all effort was turned to it’s destruction. Once the mammoth was destroyed Shuc’noc was laid to waste and the forces of Styphon were defeated. Many who looted the Mammoth give reports of valuable treasure hidden in the undead creatures anal cavity but none admit climbing in to retrieve them.

This night of terror and darkness did not end with the destruction of the Bar’Ghul. As the full moon rose into the sky, the Avatar of Raze made her presence known.  It approached Princess Louisa and bended knee. The voice of Raze spoke to Louisa saying that she had been summoned by her pain, anguish, and loss and offered offered her vengeance for both her lost love, Leopold and the murder of her unborn child. The royalty in mourning gave thought to the offer and, with having little else to live for, accepted. The price to be paid was Weaver and she eagerly accepted. As favoured among the goddess of revenge, she left with her faithful to do the work of vengeance and punish those that wronged her so.

Day 4 - Final Day

As the sun rose the last day on the island, the Sons of Sprawn and the Ebon Khan meet a final time. The Ebon Khan join with their greenskin kin, taking a place in the Sons of Sprawn as the Savage Legion. Impressed by the battle prowess and courage of the “pink skin army”, they agreed to put aside their differences for the time being and unite to fight Ga’more, on one condition. This condition states that in one year's time, if all factions on Maud’Madir are united, Orc and Pinkskin will band together, fight together, and die together. The means for Ga’more’s destruction have been planted in the eggs given to our kingdoms. All that is needed to hold back the armies of the Brood until the time is right. With this declaration made, the order was given to retreat. An order that came a moment too late.

Ga’more, the God on Arthos himself, arrived to end this invasion personally.  Behind him, in a wave 20 feet high, tens of thousands of brood, climbing over each other an effort to reach their prey. Slowly and with purpose he walked with his wall of death towards our united factions.

Meanwhile, as Ga’more made himself known, Princess Louisa gathered those adventurers who were still left alive and made a proclamation. In her quest for vengeance she found means to summon Leopold back to this plane from the clutches of Nilestromus.  She pulled forth from her robs a rod made of twisted bone. She informed those that would listen that he was their hero and she had sacrificed everything, far more than they knew, to see returned. She also gave warning. The Demon Prince was unlikely to give up his prize so easily, but the united forces of White Raven and The Empire demanded in unison that no one would be left behind. Whispering a unheard word into the magical rod she held it high into the sun. A gate of shadow appeared. Through it Leopold stumbled, battered, broken and blood. The shadows of the gate formed into that of a draconic figure that uttered only two words in a distinctly female voice before dispersing.  “You dare?”

Leopold moved to embrace the princes but she placed a cold hand on his chest. With a stern face she spoke directly to his heart, “No. I do not love you. We are done.”

Leopold looked confused and hurt, but then his eyes fell to the empty womb that once held his child.  Tears began to stream from his face and he started to speak, but the Demon Prince of Nightmares was not late to this party.  A 30 feet tentacle appeared out of the ground, between our united factions and the Sons of Sprawn ships waiting to take them home.  In lashed downwards shaking the ground.  When it rose again a demonic gate appeared and greater demons of began to pour out.  Behind the the wall of death and Ga’more drew closer.  Leopold had no time for questions anymore and undead began shouting orders to any who would obey.  Cut down the demons and retreat to the ships. That battle was harsh and many lost their lives both to the demonic weapons of the demon horde and the Brood wall of death slowly inching towards them.  In the end the ranks of demons broke and our adventures, heroes and villains made their way to the shore and waiting ships.

It was on that shore, Leopold understood.  He tried to speak to the Princess again, his lost love, but she turned her back to him.  They would not leave this land together as lovers, but instead separate and alone. In taking the favour of Raze to save her lover, Louisa was forced to forsake it.  As they parted on separate ships Leopold called out, vowing to free her from this damnation, if it meant travelling to the celestial realms and killing Raze herself.  

The voyage back to Melinda and awaiting Skein gates was melancholy and cold. Heavy winds and rain bore down on the ships as if an omen to come. Yes, the seeds of Ga’more’s demise have been won but at what cost? The single heir destined to unite the warring factions has been killed and ripped from the mother's womb. The Orcs of both Sprawn and the Ebon Khan will fight alongside our forces, but only if they stand united.  A hope that seem to be diminishing with every sunset. Leopold can be seen on his ship’s bow, staring into the void for the entire voyage home. During the entire five day voyage he neither eats, sleeps, nor will entertain visitors. Louisa, on her ship, locks herself away in her private cabin. She takes no visitors and only speaks with the Chieftain of the Ebon Khan, of which she summoned shortly after boarding.

When the ships land on the shores of Melinda the Ebon Khan escort her to a Skein Gate: destination is known.  Leopold watches her go before taking his own gate westward to face the Church of Light and contemplate the utter horror that has just transpired to his life.

The rest of you leave to your respective towns to spread these tales and prepare for war. Ga’more is not dead and his continent of brood inch closer to Maud’Madir each dawn and waiting on it’s shores, an army of death and acid.
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