Warcry 2017: Presented by Underworld LARP
In the year 2257, our heroes, villains, and adventurers banded together to repel an invasion of insectoid Brood, led by the gluttonous god Ga’More. The fight was hellish and despite its victory, the Isle of Melinda, home to the Purple Firstborn Dragon Essyllt, was lost to the swarms. We persevered, and the following year struck back at the Brood, liberating the Isle’s Wood Fae inhabitants, freeing the Purple Dragon, and banishing Ga’More from whence he came.

But that was only the beginning..

Reports from all across the continent now speak of a land mass of incredible size moving through the waters of the southern ocean and, with it, an army of innumerable insectoid Brood. The lost and fabled lands of Amerinathia, home over a century ago to the Empire of Berphaunt, long before Ga’More invaded, now makes its way towards Maud’Madir...quite literally.

Hope is not lost. A call for aid has been made, not by the Empire or the Whiteraven Alliance but instead by two of their children. Prince Leopold of Tiefanue and Princess Louisa Berphaunt, daughter to the Emperor himself, have travelled back to Melinda to heed the call of Essyllt. Both hunted by their factions, they call the citizens of their lands to aid the protection of the Purple Firstborn. Those that have fought in the past are once again summoned to defend their homes, but this time without the aid of the Empire or the Whiteraven.

What mysteries lie past those lost shores, and what still calls that forgotten place home? All life was thought to have been consumed by the hive-minded insects a thousand years ago, but recent rumours speak of orcs with black markings on their skin and hardened carapaces around their heads and shoulders. Could these orcs be the descendents of greenskins that lived on Amerinathia during the time of Berphaunt and, if so, how could they have survived? With the war drums already sounding the rise of the Sons of Sprawn on Arthos, these orcs could turn the tide against Ga’More... or rally Sprawn to finish the job their ancestral clan started: the complete and utter genocide of all Pinkskins.

The Warcry has been sounded. Prepare yourself for distant shores.


Welcome to our 3rd annual Underworld LARP global event: WARCRY!

For the first time ever Underworld Canada is relinquishing the reins of Warcry to a more than capable host, Underworld LARP Edmonton: Guildhouse Kalidor. Kalidor, owned by Tall Tale Events won the bid for our yearly event and, with our support and aid, will be taking the lead in both storytelling and world writing.

This year’s Warcry event will be hosted just north of Edmonton Alberta, from Aug 4th to Aug 7th, 2017. This 4-day event promises to be our most ambitious project yet with props, costuming and something very, very special that no LARP has attempted before. It’s big, ok?

The Edmonton team has already begun the in-game postings, but there’s more to come as we ramp up the hype. If you have in-game questions please hold tight as our story is still unfolding.

Stay tuned more information on logistics. Email Info@talltalegaming.com for accommodations and travel.
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Edward Watt
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Founder
Guild Jericho : General Manager
Email: comments@larp.ca
Two new announcements!

1) Our Shaper Team for this Warcry 2017
Marc Schlender - Shaper
Michael Davidson -Shaper
Cory Leeson -Shaper
Adam Hawkings -Shaper
Keith Cheery - Shaper
Bernadine Schlender - Shaper
Jodene Humeniuk - Monster Marshal
And representing the World Shaping Council moi, David Ruckus

2) We are happy to announce that because this Warcry falls on a full moon weekend we will be releasing a 4th lunar event for those that are attending. Bad news is this is a lunar event for those you don't want attending. Werebrood?

Stay tuned for more information on Prelog opening!
David Ashby
Underworld LARP Canada - Co-Owner
World Shaper Lead: 2017

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