Crowdsourcing: Bard's Song of Aversion call
Hey Underworlders!

We've received a lot of feedback requesting that we change the "Don't look at me!" call in Song of Aversion. We're happy to do that and we're taking suggestions on what it should change to - either the call itself or the mechanic of semi-invisibility.

Please post your ideas in this thread - thanks!

Song of Aversion
Pre-requisite: Occupation at 3rd Level
Duration: Concentration
This Occupational Ability allows for a Bard in danger to cloud the minds of his foes, confusing them to his exact presence and hiding him for a few precious moments. This skill does not grant the Bard true invisibility but it will obfuscate his person, causing all around him to avoid and ignore the bard for a short period. To activate this skill, the Bard must incant “Song of Aversion!” Once activated the Bard’s feet must remain stationary and for the next 15 seconds he must repeatedly shout at the top of their lungs “DON'T LOOK AT ME!”. While the skill is active all those around the bard, that can hear his voice know the general location of the bard within ten feet, but he will appear blurred and displaced. They will unconsciously miss if they try to blindly attack or swing wildly in the area the bard is hiding. This does not grant the Bard immunity to damage from Area of Effect spells or effects or the effects of Power or Command Words. This skill is intended to give the Bard a few moments to put away their valuable instruments to avoid harm and /or hopefully allow their friends to regroup and save him from the attack. This ability is usable once per day per purchase.
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