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Character Unlocks and Guild Transfer FAQ

Character Unlock


Character creation in underworld is free, but to learn new skills and abilities the character needs to be unlocked.  Unlocking a character requires a one-time $15 fee. That fee can be payable to via Paypal or E-transfer. Until the character is unlocked, no new skills or abilities may be purchased and the character will remain at level 1. If you’re a new player, the unlock fee may be waived for the first event and can be paid on your second event.


When sending your unlock fee, please include the character name and guild in the payment comments or in a separate email if comments are unavailable. Please also use the password “Underworld”. Payments lacking the previous information will not be accepted.


Some guilds may take cash payments at event logistics for character registration fees. There are no limits to the amount of characters you may own.


Character Transfers


Transferring characters between Underworld LARP Guilds will incur a $35 transfer fee payable to via Paypal or E-transfer. Please include the character name and guild in the payment comments, as well as the desired destination guild. Characters must be approved by the destination guild along with all items the character possesses. Please use the password “Underworld“. Payments lacking the previous information will not be accepted.


Common Questions and Answers FAQ


1a. When a brand new player creates their first ever PC in Underworld, do they pay a character creation fee?
Answer: Yes. Character Creation Fee is due by their second event.

b. To whom is this fee paid and what is the preferred method?
Answer: This fee is paid to UW global and can be sent by the player to or collected by the new character’s home guild. The collecting guild then forwards this amount on behalf of the player according to whatever their contract is. Make sure to include your character name and the guild they were created in, in the notes.

If you are using eTransfer, please make sure that the security answer is “Underworld”.

c. How much is the character creation fee?
Answer: $15 CAD (some guilds still have a $10 fee until the end of their initial 2 year contract. Check with your local team to be certain.)


2. When a player wishes to transfer their character from one guild to another:

a) How often may they do so?
Answer: Each character only once per year.

b) How much is the character transfer fee?
Answer: $35 CAD

c) To whom is this fee payable?
Answer: To UW global via This fee may be sent as an eTransfer, PayPal transaction, or collected by their home guild and forwarded to UW Global. Again, if sending by eTransfer ensure that the security question is “Underworld”.

d) Are there any costs breaks for individuals who must move because of their job (Sales People, military, RCMP, pilots, etc.)?
Answer: No. All Fees are standard and apply to everybody equally.

e) When must this fee be paid?
Answer: This fee must be paid before your character is transferred to your new guild. Note, you can still play and earn blankets at your new guild, you will just be unable to apply blankets to that untransferred character at your new guild’s games until you transfer the character.

f) Who must be notified of the transfer?
Answer: In the notes on your payment to include “[Character Name] transfer from [Original Home Guild’s Name] to [New Home Guild’s Name]”. UW global will inform of the required update.

g) Will my character get down statted?
Answer: Not automatically, however individual guilds may impose level caps. In this case, you will be unable to transfer your character to that new guild if the character is above the level cap. Each individual guild may have a way to accommodate “too powerful” PCs.

h) Do you need permission from the original home guild to transfer a character?
Answer: No. You only require permission from the guild you are transfer to.


3. If a player wishes to visit another guild with their character:

a) to prelog, they must send their prelog manually to the guild they are attending?
Answer: Yes. The prelog emails are as follows:
Havenhollow – presently in demos. Contact Steven Smith /Havenhollow GM directly.

As part of their prelog email, they should also list any magical items they have or other details as requested by the plot team for approval.

b) While traveling, that player will receive blankets for games played, but may only apply the standard 2 maximum per character at that character home guild.
Answer: Yes. If Character A from Jericho visits Kalidor, they will get a blanket for their game in Kalidor but cannot spend that blanket in Kalidor. When Character A is next played in Jericho, then they may have the blanket they collected applied to them.

c) Can the traveling character have any changes made to it?
Answer: No. Your character will NOT go through a standard prelog process and you CANNOT make changes to your character as if it were a normal prelog. You will simply earn the blanket(s) or frags for attending after the event. You do NOT earn production or craftsman or any other prelog earnings – you bypass it completely, minus your tags. However, this also means you bypass any cost of living at the guild you are visiting.

d) Will the traveling character get down statted?
Answer: Yes if there is a Guild policy to down stat.